Gold Trading

Gold and silver has been considered valuable by humans for thousands of years. Over the past years the importance of these metals as investment has only intensified. We at Metro Gold Corp, trade in commodities and physical purchase and sale of gold and silver.

We have made a landmark in the commodity business from past four years. We always secure the trade in the form of equity and less risky strategies with the help of fundamental and technical analysis. We also pioneered in the purchase of fresh raw gold and silver.  

our team’s expertise and experience has helped us to design incredible tools that enables us to maximize our investment potential by effectively boosting our trade in these precious metals.

Instant Gold Loans

Life is full of opportunities. It is important to take right steps at the right time. We acknowledge and appreciate your strive for grabbing those opportunities and not let it go just because of financial constraint. 

Get instant gold loans by bringing your gold jewellery at our branch. We have introduced a new scheme for interest free gold loans with only one time service charge and 12 months lock in period. The payment can be settled after 12 months or can also be divided in 12 EMI which will not include any interest or late payment charges.

We assure you that your gold stays safe while you can go ahead and take advantage of every opportunity.

Release Pledged Gold

Usually people pledge their gold with banks, pawn brokers, or financiers to address the immediate financial concerns, because its a simple and fast process to get loan without much documents requied. 

It may be good idea to pledge the gold and take a loan against jewellery. But most of the times people fail to release their pledged gold because of huge interest rates and compounding interest every month and other charges. Because of these reasons the value exceeds the actual gold value.

We at Metro Gold Corp, have introduced a Plan to purchase your pledged gold. We buy back your gold at current day online price for convenience – so that you don’t loose much of your hard earned money paying unnecessary interests – and can avail the remaining balance money for your needs.

Education Plans

We understand education plans are the best means for securing your child’s future. There is really no better gift you can give your child, than a secured future.

Our Education Plans has its own uniqueness as we have tied up with other organization which are working in the education field. Our plans offer one time investment by the parents in the name of their child. For those investments, we provide with the bonus every year which will take care of your child’s annual fees and other expenses.

We have designed these plans keeping in mind that it should take care of 10 years of schooling of your child.

Women Empowerment

Our business module is designed to empower women by expanding and recreating their ability to accomplish a better lifestyle and livelihood. We also understand the empowerment of women is a necessity for the very development of a society in terms of the quality and quantity of human resources available for development.

We welcome working and non-working women as business partners in our establishment. We provide such women with the interest and bonus as a income source.

Widow and Single Mother Plan: We also acknowledge that widows and single mothers economic conditions and employment opportunities are very poor. hence we give the best preference for their empowerment in this category with interest and bonus almost double compared to others.

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